What Are the Rules For Filing Bankruptcy Again?

For some families, filing bankruptcy again is an option. However, many see it as a permanent solution to any and all debt problems. Is that really how it should be treated?

While bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh start, filing again may not be as easy as you think. The events that create a need for bankruptcy often aren't anything we want to experience again. How would it feel to start receiving those harassing creditor calls again? What about a wage garnishment? It would be in you and your family's best interest to avoid revisiting those circumstances again. It isn't just the circumstances that make it difficult, there are also periods of time required before you file again. If you successfully file a Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 in the past 8 years, you won't be able to file another Chapter 7. As for Chapter 13, the benefits you received from an original bankruptcy filing may affect what benefits you may receive from filing bankruptcy again. (It is important to keep in mind that every situation is different and, if you aren't sure if you can file again, it would be best to take advantage of a free consultation from a reputable bankruptcy attorney.)

This is not to say that filing again is impossible, in fact, sometimes it is necessary. Events happen that are outside our control and bankruptcy is a wonderful tool that has helped many people become the successes they always wanted to be. It helps families in overwhelming amounts of debt get protection from foreclosure, find a solution to credit card debt, and finally get relief from the harassment of their creditors. If at all possible, I would be determined to file only once for bankruptcy protection.

What can you do to keep from filing bankruptcy again? Being by picking a really great St. Louis bankruptcy attorney. The best attorney cares what happens to you before, during, and after your bankruptcy and could provide you with information that may make it easier to have a successful post-bankruptcy life. Also, keep careful track of your pocketbook. If you've got to make a different budget, resist impulsive buying decisions, and work hard to stick to your new lifestyle, do it.

Remember, a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney can get you to a fresh start but it is up to you to make it work for you. Get the right information, make the right choices, and start living the life you always wanted to live.