Where Can I Have Post Card Printing Done and How Much Does it Cost?

If you want to have post card printing done from your own text or images, you need to know several things - where you can order post cards online, how you upload your text or images for the post cards, how you specify the design of the card, and how much it costs, for low, medium or high print runs.

Below, we give a link where you can get started with your post cards printing, but let's also look at the other questions, and describe everything you need to know.

As you would expect, color post card printing can be ordered, designed and paid for online, directly from your computer. Cheap post card printing can be requested from many post card printing companies, all of which will need much the same information from you when you place your online order.

First, you should decide how many post cards you want. Very low order numbers used to be problematic, but now the top post card printing companies will print any number from 50 upwards.

Next, you should decide what size you want your post cards to be. Standard options are 4" by 6", 5" by 7", 6" by 9" or even larger. If you have difficulty visualizing the size you want, have a look at some cards from you home or office and measure them. You can usually also choose to have your cards printed on gloss or recycled matte paper.

If you are ordering for a mail-out, you can also order a perforation of the cards, for your return address customer response.

What about the cost of your post cards? Post card printing services will typically offer lower costs for higher runs. For example, a typical cost per 4" by 6" color post card for a run of 50 would be 34 cents each, while for a run of 200 it would be about 16 cents each, 1000 would be about 5 cents each, and 10,000 would be about 2 cents each.

How do you specify your requirements for your custom post card printing? This is very straightforward. At the post card printing company web site you simply enter the size and number of post cards you want; you will then usually get to choose the turnaround time and the shipping option you prefer.

At this point, you will be able to type or upload the text you want on your post cards, and upload your image files. Most post card printing companies will accept images in JPG, TIF or PDF format. A top post card printing service will usually have online templates or even downloadable templates (for advanced users) in PC or Mac format to make the post card design easier, if you want to use them.