How to Use an Audio Postcard in an Online Information Business

In this article, you'll learn how to use an audio postcard in an online information business. Let's define our terms. First, what is an audio postcard?

An audio postcard is simply an email that has an audio file embedded in it. So instead of sending a text message, what we think of as an ordinary email message, an audio postcard has an audio file in it that plays when you open the message.

I'm sure that you already know what an online information business is or you wouldn't be reading this article. But, how can you use an audio postcard to the benefit of your business?

There are x ways:

1. To separate the way that you deliver content from the way the most other businesses deliver theirs.

Let me ask you something: How many emails do you get that are in audio format? That's what I thought. I don't receive them like that either. And I'm not sure why. It could be that the autoresponders have caught up to the technology yet, or it could be that text still has more impact that audio.

Even so, an audio message can be very powerful.

2. To deliver content.

You could communicate all or some of your content through audio. Some people prefer to read the information that you send; but imagine how much those who prefer to listen would look forward to the messages you sent if they were in audio.

3. To deliver a sales message.

Any email campaign worth its salt will contain sales messages. It's the way that we give prospects the opportunity to solve their problems with our products.

But we all know that our voices can be used effectively to persuade people to buy from us. Think of the struggle that car dealers would have if they tried to sell us their wares without saying anything.

4. To deliver both content and a sales message simultaneously.

The best email campaigns mix their sales messages with good content. For some, it's easier to be persuasive by speaking than it is by writing. This is probably because putting emotion into one's voice is less difficult than creating the same feeling by describing it in writing.

5. To give your prospects the opportunity to hear your voice.

This may be the most important reason why you'd want to use an audio postcard, especially if your voice is soothing and reassuring.

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