Photo Recovery Post "Card Is Not Formatted" Error

As digital cameras and camcorders are getting popular, so is the use of digital memory cards. In this scenario, card errors without a doubt prove to be most frustrating aspects of owning precious memories. Whether you happen to be a professional photographer or an amateur, card errors have knock-on effect on your worth keeping memories.

An example of such errors is "Card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" To be somewhat particular, this error occurs when you insert the card in the camera and it refuses to read the card. Of course, if you click yes to format the card, the entire data will go off the records. Given the fact that digital camera doesn't recognize the card in such situations, this happens particularly when the file system of memory card is corrupted. To be able to fix the issue, you must know some Photo Recovery fixes.

Reasons of Memory Card Corruption

• Capturing images using a camera that is low on batteries
• Subjecting the card to unfavorable conditions
• Removing the card while a read/write operation
• Deleting, editing, moving, or renaming the digital files on the card while its contents are still being used on the computer
• Using the memory card in different cameras without actually formatting in the earlier one

Things to Try

Try reading the problematic card with another device or card reader. If it doesn't work, the problem is certainly the corrupted memory card.

In such situations, we suggest you to stop using the card immediately and try using a Photo Recovery Software.

Photo Recovery Information

These utilities are meant to recover all sort of multimedia information from variety of storage devices, including but not limited to memory cards. Photo Recovery utilities are capable to recover all video, sound, and image files that you hope to recover. Plus, their pleasing and easy to navigate interface give an added advantage.