A Great Tip to Free Verses For Christmas Business Cards

Because of the bad economy, it is understandable that many business owners are looking for cheap marketing tools to promote their products. And, with Christmas fast approaching, it is imperative to start promoting by sending greetings right after thanksgiving. If you run a business and are looking for free verses for Christmas business cards, I recommend the use of the internet tools that are available at no cost. My big tip is to turn the business card into a video with Christmas wishes. It is effective, quick and free.

Sending Christmas wishes during the holiday season is a great way to thank your customers for being loyal to the business. And making a video to do so will be very well received. For online businesses, this can be achieved by incorporating a video on the first landing page greeting the customers as soon as they click on the link. The video contents can have you talking directly to the customers, or it can include your voice mixed with attractive graphics and texts. If you do not have a website to promote your product, you can still use emails to share the video. The process of making a video and sharing it comes at no cost as described next.

The first step of making a video is to come up with warm greeting quotes. This step is same as finding free verses for Christmas business cards. It is simple and free. You need to search for the E-Greetings website and check the contents of the posted cards. A cool Website with great Christmas quotes can be found at the web link "allgreatquotes.com".

The next step is to record the video and edit it using Windows Movie Maker software which can be downloaded for free. This software has a very good step-by-step tutorial that is easy to follow. It takes few minutes to learn and use. There are two types of videos that can be made: The first type consists of creating slides with pictures and adding your own voice using the "sound Recorder" free software. The second type of video consists of taping yourself greeting the customers, which I recommend. And it is easy to make such video using the software named "CyberLink YouCam", which can also be downloaded for free. This software has actually a cool Christmas picture frame that you might use as a background. Note though that you should have a Webcam installed in order to use this software.

Posting the video on the internet cannot be simpler. You can open a free "YouTube" account and follow the quick and easy instructions on how to upload the file. Then, you can either copy the link and include it in your email to the customers or copy the embedded code and paste it into your online business website.